Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Funny Jacie quote:  The other day Tanner said he wanted a Blackberry for Christmas, immediately Jacie goes, "Well I want a pink one then."  So cute. Do they make pink 

Two weeks ago we went to Provo and met Erin and her family at Thanksgiving Point. It's basically
a huge playground for the kids. They have all sorts of activities to do.  The kids were excited to 
see their cousins and play with them. They walked through the corn maze, rode the cow train,
sat in Cinderella's castle, played in the water, and so much more. We got there kind of late and
didn't get to enjoy even half of what was there. It was starting to get cold so we left early. We'll
have to plan better next year! But it was a good time even if us older "kids" couldn't quite figure out the maze.