Sunday, June 20, 2010

I have the greatest dad on the face of the planet and here are the top 10 reasons why:

1: he is supportive of everything and anything I do
2: he can fix almost anything
3: he is a great grandpa and my children know that he loves them
4: I think he is still a stud at sports even in his old age!
5: he is friendly to everyone (I like that he is a social butteryfly!)
6: he is a very hard working man (I wish he could learn to relax a bit more though)
7: he is a great listener and expert advice giver
8: has "the cup is half full" kind of attitude
9: he makes awesome bread-super yummy
10: he is always there for me even though we live hundreds of miles apart. He is my greatest friend.
I love you dad. Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day Baby! You are the best husband and girl could have. I love you!

our annual trip to Vegas! This sadly was the ONLY picture I took!

Memorial Day

Miss you Nae Nae!

Best Buddies

Kyrie's very last clogging recital. I have enjoyed watching her through the years. She is a great clogger!

Just some cute buns!

Tanner turned 10!

In April, we went to Salt Lake to pick up our wonderful friend Kimbo from the airport. We hadn't went to Temple Square for a while so we stopped by for a visit. It was absolutely beautiful!

So tired

Karlie still can't eat an Oreo without getting it all over her face!

Having fun with a friend

Just some cute kids!


I am really far behind!

Getting to Stinkin Old!

the title says it all-watch out boys!

Karlie has been sick every 2-6 weeks since she was six months old with various illnesses. Fevers reaching scary numbers (106 was the highest), seizure, and has just been miserable. We finally decided to get her tonsils out and, knock on wood, she hasn't been too sick since!

A couple of wedding cakes I did

Winter is the time for basketball and between Tanner and Kyrie we got our fill!

In March, Tanner competed in the pinewood derby. After a disappointing finish last year, he was bound and determined to make a fast car. Kyle and him researched and made a car that wasn't necessarily the best looking but it was the fastest! He won first place. He was so happy! Way to go T!