Monday, January 26, 2009

This weeks spotlight is on Jacie!

favorite color:  pink and purple

favorite movie: Cinderella, Move it Move it (Madagascar 2), Alvin and the Chipmunks

favorite food:  ham sandwich

favorite drink:  chocolate milk

nicknames: Brynn Bob, Brynsie, J-Lo (on her diva days) Brynie Bobby (bob is a name she gave herself when she was being funny one day so it just stuck)

favorite song:  Move it Move it

best friend:  Angie

favorite Disney princess:  Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty

facts about Jacie:
not a morning person-usually becomes social after her chocolate milk in  a sippy cup
loves watching movies-would watch them all day long if I let her
is a very good artist-she loves to color and makes beautiful flowers
wants to go to Disneyland very bad (which she'll get to go next month!)
wakes up every night because she is scared
does not like to talk on the phone
loves her sister Karlie (most of the time)
has to have her fingernails and toenail painted (usually pink)
loves to go shopping (Yeah! girl after my own heart!)
loves her kitty Miss Piggy
doesn't like to wash her hair

The other day Jacie and I coming home from the movie when we had to stop for deer on the road.  When we got home she told her dad that we hit a deer with his truck and the deer died. We didn't, she just has a funny sense of humor!  She is a very sweet little girl who gives great kisses and hugs. She is my buddy and I love her very much!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I thought it would be fun to spotlight each of my children for a week and tell you a little about them.  I love them so much and I want you to see why!  Hereeeeeeeeeeeee's Karlie

I love you from your head

down to your toes!

My Cupcake

Name:  Karlie Tess

Age:  18 months

Favorite Food:  Anything!  Some of her first words were "chocolate," "sucker," "cracker," treat"....

Nickname(s):  Messy Tessie and Tessie

Favorite Hobby:  climbing on counters to forage for food

Favorite toy:  no time for toys that is baby stuff (although she does love her Fur Real Panda Bear)

Favortite Sport:  wall hanging (as seen in one picture, she makes her dad hang her from our family room overhang. No fear!)

Favorite Cartoon Character:  SpongeBob

Favorite Song: anything with a good beat

Karlie is a funny little girl with a strong personality.  She doesn't let anything or anybody stand in her way.  She brings much joy and laughter into our home! 
 She is growing up so fast!  Just today we had to make her crib into a daybed because when she gets up in the morning or from her nap, she just climbs over the bar of her crib. We were worried she'd fall so she is a big girl now!

Funny Karlie story:  We were out to dinner the other night and Jacie ordered a hot dog to eat. Karlie wanted that hotdog and took it off of Jacie's plate to which Jacie let out a blood curdling scream and told Karlie not to touch her plate.  Funny Karlie takes her little finger and reaches over to touch Jacie's plate (just the plate) all with a big smile on her face!  

We love you little girl and are so glad you are in our home!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Tanner and Kyrie decided to make a home movie of Star Wars the Clone Wars.