Monday, February 16, 2009

Tanner's turn!  I had Tanner sit down and give me a candid interview-

Mom-What is your favorite color?
T- Black

M-what do you want to be when you grow up?
T-lego designer

M-what is your favorite school subject?
T-language arts

M-What is your favorite food? 
T- orange chicken

M-What is your favorite dessert?
T- cheesecake

M-What do you like to do in your spare time?
T-build legos

M-What is your favorite song?
T- Surrender by Blake Lewis

M-what is your favorite animal?

M-What has been your favorite vacation?
T- our trip to Florida (in January)

M-What are you afraid of?
T-pitch black

M-What are your friends name?
T- Kaleb, Paycen, Tucker, Daxx, and G

I tried to get Tanner to answer some more in depth questions but he pleaded the fifth.

Tanner is a fun little boy. A boy that is about to turn nine!  Can't believe that!  Tanner loves to play and has very little desire to work which we are trying to work on.  His imagination is unbelievable and he is always coming up with ideas and schemes.  He loves making movies and I could see him making them for a living in the future.
Tanner would have loved to have a brother, it just didn't work out, but we are glad that we did get one cute, funny, adventerous, little boy.  Love ya Tan