Wednesday, August 19, 2009

1st Day of School- Sigh.....

I am not one of those moms who cry when their children get on the bus for the first day of school but I almost did this morning as they got on that little yellow bus carrying them off to the jungle. I can't believe summer is OVER!! I cried for that. I didn't want summer to be over so it was sad when I saw the reality of summer being gone when they stepped on that bus.
I like having my kids with me at home and being able to go do things with them. Oh, and I miss Kyrie as my babysitter too!
Oh well, It is time I guess. The morning was crazy as the kids got up late (alarm didn't go off) and we were taking these pictures as the bus was just about to our house. I thought the kids looked great and I wish them and everyone else a great school year.


The first two cakes are my fair cakes. I always wanted to carve a fish so I did. I need to work on the mouth but I liked how everything else looked. I love using my airbrush! The other cake is a clutch, shopping bag, and box. I have to say that this was a rushed project because I didn't have time to do it nice and neat. Oh well.
The third cake is a cake I just did for a wedding. Thought it looked good. I have one more wedding cake to go and then I am done for a while! (I will miss making all that money though)

Fair Week

A couple of weeks ago it was fair week here in Idaho. Fair week is awesome because I don't have to cook all week! Oh and we get to do some fun stuff too. The kids were in the kid parade with Kyrie riding on the clogging float, Tanner being Indiana Jones on his bike, and the little girls driving their barbie car as rodeo queens. They won 3rd place for best costume! They were making me laugh so hard because Jacie had a little too much fun driving. She was swerving and spinning cookies and I think trying to earn points for how many people she hit!
I was just thinking that I should take pictures of all the stuff the kids enter in the fair. (Funny how good at coming up with things after the fact) They all did really well. Taking firsts in all but a couple. I entered a couple of cakes and won first too. Fair week does make me sad because once its over summer seems to be over and school is just around the bend...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


On August 1st I completed a goal of mine that I've had for a long time. I competed and FINISHED a triathlon. It was just a sprint triathlon but tough just the same. It was a reverse TRI where I ran 3.1 miles, biked 12.4 miles, and swam 500 yards. I finished in my desired time but if I had a road bike I know I would have been much faster. Mountain bikes and road bikes are not the same!
I won't say it was fun but I had a great sense of accomplishment when I finished. I definately want to try again!

recent wedding cakes

These are a couple of wedding cakes I just did.