Thursday, June 25, 2009

Baby Kittens

We love baby kittens at our house. At one point a few weeks ago we had 10 of them but saddly something has eaten all but 1
of them. The one that Karlie is "bowling" with (bowling or flinging would work to, she is a terror with them) is the only one we have left. We are sad but that is life in the country and we know there will be more.
We need the cats to catch mice so they have to be outdoors. (Just for all you peta people out there!) So here are some cute
pictures of the girls and their kittens.

Kyrie and Tanner are involved in the junior golf program and every week we go to a course around southeast Idaho and play. It takes about 3 hours so the girls and I have to come up with something to do while we wait for them to get done. Thank goodness for parks. They are free and fun!

1st Swim Lesson

Jacie started swim lessons this year. She is a scardy cat and I really thought she would not go through with them. The
first day she cried for a little bit but she has a great swim teacher that made her feel really good and comfortable in
the water. She looked forward to swim lessons everyday after that.

Friday, June 12, 2009

What Stays in Vegas.....

A couple of friends and I decided that we needed a girls retreat and so we took off for Vegas for a few days. I am not going to give a travel blog of what we did but needless to say we had so much fun and hope to do it every year! I only took a few pictures (as usual I was so busy I forgot to take a lot of pictures) ut here they are:

I saw a cute pattern in a store and since I have a sick fascination with material I thought I'd actually put what little sewing skills to use and make the girls a dress. Not professional by any means and don't look really close, but they turned out pretty cute and the girls loved them!

Kyle picked me up at the airport and we stayed the night. Took the kids to a great bbq place and Karlie found the water after. She got drenched but had so much fun we let her! We stayed at a hotel that only had showers and so we Karlie a bath in the sink.

New wedding cake I did (minus the flowers)

Brace Face! Kyrie got her braces (just on the upper teeth for now) last week. Ever the diva she got turquoise and black ones and wears outfits to match. A little sore but she looks cute and really grown up in them.

Wow! We got to go to the Idaho Falls Zoo twice in one month! First we went with the Sant girls for an end of preschool fieldtrip and then we went with cousins. We had a blast both times and were glad we got to go.