Sunday, November 22, 2009

California Dreamin

We needed a change of scenery and decided to take our yearly family vacation to California again. We got our condo in Newport Beach and flew down. We also wanted a vacation where it was just that, a vacation. No running around ragged trying to do everything and see all the sights. I think we accomplished just that. Besides the two days at Disneyland, we didn't have an agenda. All we wanted to do was go to the beach, swim, do a little shopping, eat some great food, and spend time together as a family.
We did all that and nothing much else. The beach was great, a little windy, but fun. We even had a flock of seagulls chase us down for the snacks we were eating.
We ate at great restaurants and of course hit Ruby's Diner. Love to eat there!
We loved going to the pet store at the mall where we got to hold all the cute doggies. Jacie wants one so bad (all she wants for Christmas)
I found my happy place and wish I could go there every day. Our condo was just a 1/2 mile from the beach and so I would run down there and just enjoying running along some beautiful scenery!
It was just a wonderful week and although it is over before you want it to be, it didn't fly by. Can you grow potatoes in California?

p.s. The car is a Bentley. Even in the land where every other car is a luxury car, this one was sweet!!
Listen real close to Karlie when you see this video. We were on the big Ferris Wheel at California Adventures. It wasn't bolted down so when you would move it would sway back and forth. Totally freaked Tanner out which freaked Karlie out because she liked it until Tan started to scream like a girl (he does!) He screams and she goes, "We're gonna die!" So cute and funny


We only wanted to go to Disneyland for two days. Not a lot of time for two parks and a lot of rides. But, we didn't want to tire ourselves out. This trip is supposed to be relaxing! My mom flew over (because she is a Disneyland freak) and hinted really hard that she wanted to come.
We were happy to have her with us, especially Kyrie. She made reservations for us to eat at the Blue Bayou restaurant. That is the one you can see when you are on the Pirates of the Caribbean. That was a fun experience and the food was terrific! Definitely would eat there again. Thanks Grandma!
After lunch we decided it would be in our best interest to split into groups so we could ride the rides we wanted to. Grandma and Kyrie went together, Tanner and Kyle, and I got to take the little girls. It worked out great because Kyrie doesn't want to go on the "baby" rides!
The only thing that sucked was in the 2 1/2 hrs we separated I stood in line to see Tinkerbell and to meet the princesses. Those lines are sooooo longgggg! It was good for Karlie because she was asleep and got to get in a nap. It was cute when we met Terrance and Tinkerbell. Terrance wanted to wake Karlie up so he tried and failed and then gave her a pinecone as a gift for missing him.
The little girls love "It's a Small World" ride which they've named, "The Little People" ride.
One of my favorite things at Disney was when I found the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and got the girls princess makeovers. Jacie ate that up! She talked and talked and was so excited to get fairy sprinkles, pink hair, makeup and nails done. She was in her element! Karlie didn't quite know what to think but she was happy with the finished product. It brought tears to my eyes as I thought of another little princess who would have loved to get made over too.
The other favorite part of mine was the fireworks show. They were wonderful and made me teary eyed too. Set to beautiful Christmas music and more fireworks that we see in ten years. Worth the price of admission just for those.
Disneyland is really the Happiest Place on Earth and we love to go.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

We had a great time trick or treating this year despite the wind being a little strong and we couldn't wear our witch hats, Tanner biffed it in the road, Karlie and Jacie received stomach aches after they snuck their loot into the playroom and devoured most
of it in one shot, and Kyrie, being a big 6th grader, decided she was old enough to go out with a group of friends instead of with us. Ahhh life. Gotta love it. Happy Halloween!