Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

First of all on a sad note, my grandma Beverly died last night. It was such a surprise as she seemed fine when I saw her at Thanksgiving. I was really glad I was able to see her one last time though.  She was such a sweet lady.  She had a tradition of giving us a Christmas ornament every year. Sometimes we got tired of all the decorations as gifts (selfish brats I know) but now when I see them I will think of her.  Love ya grandma give Allie a big hug and kiss from me.

As it is Christmas Eve I just wanted to share my testimony of the sweet little babe born so long ago.  It is hard to believe sometimes that a sweet baby was sent to Joseph and Mary to become the Savior of the world.  What man would be so selfless that he would give his life for all mankind? 
I am so glad that he did.  It wasn't until Allie died that I fully appreciated his love and sacrifice for us, for me.  I believed in all that I heard but I didn't know and understand the huge significance of his gift. That is what it is, a gift.  I love him for dying for me so that I may repent of my sins and be able to receive the greatest gift, the gift of eternal life.  I am so happy to know that my family will be with me always. I will get to be with my sweet daughter again and raise her and hold her and kiss her.  Life does not end with death. It does go on and only through our savior, Jesus Christ is that possible. So thank you to that sweet little baby who grew to be such a great man and example.  I love you. 

Merry Christmas to all of my friends and family. I love you and am greatful for the support you've given me over these past couple of very hard years.  Have a wonderful Christmas

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

yeah for aunt Kara

Kara came up to visit us. Finally!!  hee hee.  Yes I know there isn't much to do here in our little town of 1000 but we managed to have a little fun.  We even went to Twilight again.  Bite me Edward PLEASE!!!  The kids loved having her here and she even shocked me when I heard laughter down the hall and went to investigate and there was auntie Kara giving the little girls a bath!  I was shocked!!  We were glad you came and hope you get to visit us again soon.  Even if it is only to do your laundry!! Love ya sis.

We decorated our gingerbread house last night.  It is not an activity but an adventure.  A big, messy, fun, adventure.  Where the little girls think they inherited their own personal candy store and the big kids become expert decorators.  The house is not what you would call beautiful, four different people adding their own decorations to the beat of their own drum don't exactly mesh into a masterpiece. The beauty is the picture it creates as four little bodies are gathered around the same table getting along and having fun, taking part in a family tradition hopeful creating memories for a lifetime.  

Friday, December 19, 2008

Tanner got his tonsils removed today.  We had to be at the hospital by 7:00, his surgery was at 9:00 and he was done at 9:20.  They kept him for a couple hours for observation so he was outta there by 12:00.  The nurse said he should get the bravery of the year award because he did so good. I was so worried he was going to be a typical boy and can't stand the pain.  He is doing very well and has little to no pain hence the no crying probably.  Good job buddy-we are proud of you and love you very much! have fun eating popsicles and ice cream

Tanner's Tonsils

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Allie!  I am trying to be optimistic right now.  This is a day I dread more than any other day.  My sweet little daughter would be six years old today.  I wish I could see how big she is, what she looks like, know her favorites etc... so many things.  I won't say too much more because my emotions are getting the better of me and I can't see through blurry eyes.  I just miss the little girl with a smile on her face and laughter in her heart. I miss the little girl who could come back with a joke in an instant. Most of all I miss the little girl whose hands fit so snuggly in mine and whose hug could brighten up anyone's day.  I love you my little buttercup. We are going to watch the Three Amigos just for you today.  Happy Birthday sweetheart.  

Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby!!

Happy Birthday Baby!   Today Kyle is 34 years old-can you believe it?  He is getting so old.  We are such the party animals too. We went to Pocatello and went to Chili's for his birthday lunch. We told the waitress that it was his birthday but they ripped him off and didn't even sing to him.  He would have loved that!!  We did some shopping and went and got Tanner's blood work done for his surgery next week (he is getting his tonsils out)
We are now home getting his birthday dinner together.  Later Kyle and I will go to the James Bond movie in Soda.  Not the greatest day but at least we are together.  Happy Birthday babe-we love you!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree....

It's the most wonderful time of the year, except when its time to get a tree at the Christensen house.  What a dilema it turns out to be every year.  I grew up with the tradition of going out in the woods to pick out that perfect tree.  It was so much fun and we were all together. I wanted this same tradition carried on with my children but turns out that your husband has to have these same thoughts as well.
I think Kyle originated from the Grinch because every time I want to go out into the woods to find a tree he gets cranky and just says lets go buy one.
This year I was adamant about going into the forest.  We left to start our adventure (that is how I see it as) and Kyle goes we need gas and I don't have a saw.  Hello!  How exactly were you going to cut the thing down, with your grinch nails?  So after finding a saw and getting gas we set off.  
Here's Kyle:  "See one yet?"  Only I can't see them because he is going too fast to get a good look at them.  We stop at a grove of trees and I get out to go look (we are short on time because we have to get Karlie to a Dr appointment in 30 minutes.)  I have fun scouting the mountain, Kyle is freaking out because I've been gone for 10 minutes and time is running out. So I see this tree which looks pretty good so I call Kyle to come help me and he is complaining the whole way up there. We get the tree take it home and go to Karlie's appointment
Fast Forward to that night.  We decorate the tree and all I have to say that it is a Charlie Brown tree. It really looked better on the mountain.  All night we kept hearing decorations falling off because the branches just weren't strong enough.  So I throw up my hands and give in to the idea of a fake tree.  
We went to Logan and found a pretty tree, half off I must add. It looks good in the house and we compromised and said that we would cut down a tree to put downstairs for the kids to decorate. In the end everyone turns out happy and we have two beautiful trees to help get us in the Christmas spirit. 

Monday, December 1, 2008

new closets

Kyle has been a man on a mission lately.  He dry walled our garage and made new shelves for it and then added more shelves in our closet and made even more shelves in the mud room.  They look so good and now I have even more space to store stuff!  Good job Baby!

Bite Me

All of us Brewer girls have read the "Twilight" series books and so we planned to go to the movie together.  My friend Jodi made these shirts and so I got one for each of us as a little joke. We all wore ours to the movie.  We looked good don't you think?

Thanksgiving 2008

We went to Show Low for Thanksgiving this year. Yipee!  We had so much fun.  Fun starting when we got to Show Low. Can you call it fun driving for 13 hours with four children (one being a restless one year old) in a cramped truck that stinks of french fries and other smells that we won't mention? I think not.  Actually the ride wasn't that bad and it's fun to be together and find ways to entertain ourselves.
We mostly just hung out at the house and were lazy. That was great.  We played with our cousins Mylee, Strider, and Nash a few times and went to a movie and bowling with them.  They had a sleepover and stayed up way to late.  But they are fun to be around.  The girls played with Jarom's little girls Hannah, Emma, and Lindsey. They are the sweetest little girls who like to giggle!  Jacie had a lot of fun at their house.  I really need to be better at taking pictures!  Thanksgiving was fun because our whole family was there. Ryan and his family, Chelsea, Kara, and my family. It was great being together. The food was great too!  Love that prime rib and all the other goodies.  Who made the rolls though?  They sucked!  I just love being home.  I went for a long walk with Tanner through the woods and had a great time with him. I really miss trees and being able to walk for miles and see different things instead of the wide open spaces I see now.  I got to see a lot of my friends while I was down there. Of course I went with Becky and Erica out to dinner and shopping which is always a highlight. I love you girls. You are the best.  Danielle Yeager came by to say hi while we were eating. She looks good. My thoughts are with you and your family Danielle. I hope you will be able to smile and laugh again soon.  
This is way to long. I hate long entries but it was a fun week!  Love to my family- thanks for letting us come down!