Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kyrie loves basketball!

Kyrie is finally done playing basketball. I have enjoyed watching her play. To say that she is aggressive is an understatement. I am proud of her and her team as they took third place in a very hard league. Way to go sis!

Tanner Rocks the Pine Wood Derby

Tanner and his dad built another pinewood derby car. Tanner draws the plans and he helps dad execute them.

Love these girls

GI Jane

Have to share this cute pictures of Tessy. She was playing dart gun war with her brother

Cousin Fun

Grandma took all the cousins to Disney on Ice. (Thanks grandma!) What a good time they had! They were all so cute in their
princess dresses. They loved the show especially when the princessess were on the ice. We went to Erin's house afterwards to celebrate one of the cousins birthdays. The girls all love playing together and get along really well. We were staying the night with them and it was crazy trying to get all of the cousins to go to bed! What a fun weekend. We love cousin get togethers!