Saturday, December 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby!

Just wanted to wish my handsome husband a happy birthday!! What a great man I married.
He can fix just about anything, drive a tractor, shoot a basketball, take care of the kids when
needed, smart as can be, play the piano, great coach, and my best friend. Just a few reasons I
love this man. Happy Birthday!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Does it ever slow down?

I thought that I'd hurry and update my blog tonight. I say hurry but it has taken me 30 minutes to do this. Which is quite a bit when you are on mom time! It's late and I am tired so I was quite brief in my descriptions of our adventures, but who wants to read a long narrative anyway?

Just a couple more Thanksgiving photos

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year! We got our condo in Park City and my parents, sister, and my brother and his family came up for a week and partied! (We really are not big partiers but had a great time anyways). We played games, swam in the jacuzzis (it was so cold, you had to keep dunking your head under water so the icicles would melt) went to Salt Lake and looked at the lights, went to a couple of museums.
It was crazy as 15 people crammed into a 2 bedroom condo (is that against fire code) but we made it work and everyone got along (most of the time)
We even had two extra's for Thanksgiving dinner. My sister's roommate and her brother.
Our family went skiing for two days. We put the little girls in ski school and let me tell you, they were so stinking cute!! Their skiis were so tiny! Jacie did really well and could ski by herself and Karlie had to have a little help but she loved it anyways and was mad when the lifts closed.
It was a great week (even though we missed Aunt Chelsea) and so fun to have my family around me for a week!

Kyrie is rockin at playing the hoops. Way to go Tay!!

We got two new puppies at our house

Here are a couple of cute cakes I did:

Here is a glimpse of what we did for Halloween festivities around here.
I did a really fun party for Kyrie and Tanner's friends where we had an eight course meal. All funky halloween foods of course. Anyone for some Bloody Mary soup? Of course there were the costumes: Kyrie was Alice in Wonderland, Tanner was a werewolf, Jacie was a purple butterfly princess, and Karlie was the cutest strawberry shortcake ever. We love Halloween at our house!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our Crazy Fall

I am finally sitting down to take a breather and update our blog. I still am not spending the time I need to make it great but this will have to do. We have been so busy with getting kids back in school, harvest, children in two different sports and numerous other things on the "list" its been crazy. But I keep telling myself "What would I do with time to spare?" Lots of stuff!!
Oh well. I love being a mom and seeing all the fun and interesting things my children are doing. They are growing up before my very eyes and although some days are a bit much, I wouldn't trade it for anything! They are awesome. I must also say that I have a great husband who tries to help when he can. He is wonderful and I am very blessed to have him in my life! Here is just a preview of some of the pictures I actually did take this fall!

First Day of School

Wow, could it be? The first day of school already? It always gets here way to soon. I am not a mom who loves to send her to children to school. I like them with me, although I would never dream about home schooling! Kyrie started Junior High this year! It is so true when people say that they grow up fast.
Tanner is in 5th grade and I put Jacie and Karlie in preschool this year. Both are having lots of fun. I sometimes get sad thinking that I should have a 3rd grader too. Oh well, maybe she is in school learning too. Here are the cutest kids ever!

Jacie Turns 5!!

It was so fun to have a five year old again. They think they are so grown up. Jacie wanted to have a Princess and the Frog party. She invited friends over and had a fun princess party and then we had a family party. She even got to have a special day with grandma Christensen in Pocatello. Grandma took her shopping and out to eat at her favorite restaurant (Red Lobster). I heard they had a great time!
I just want to list the top five things I love about Jacie:
1. She loves shopping-just loves it. She is fun to take places
2. She is so sweet- just a loving little daughter who gives good kisses and great hugs
3. She loves to color and draw- She will be getting a ream of paper for Christmas. She is good at it too!
4. She loves to sing- she always sings and makes little videos. I just wish she wasn't so shy!
5. She is just happy, fun, and beautiful

Tanner Plays Football!

I've never seen a child with a love for football like Tanner has. I think he loves football more than life itself. We didn't want him to play at all (he is still on the small side) but gave in when his friend begged him to play. I wish I could always remember how excited he was to put on his pads for the first time. He had to show them to everyone! I think he even wanted to sleep in them. He didn't care if he even played at all. For the first few games he didn't play a whole lot but the more confident he became the better he became and by the end of the season he was playing offense and defense. His last game of the season he caught a 50 yard pass and ran it in for a touchdown and recovered a fumble. It was so fun to watch him play. I look forward to watching my "number 1" playing next year.

Kyrie playing volleyball

Kyrie loves to play sports (yes! no cheerleading!) first sport up for the year was volleyball. It was so fun to watch her play. She is intense and hates to loose! We look forward to watching her grow and learn as an athlete as well at the beautiful daughter that she is.

Fashion Shoot

I wanted to do something fun with the girls one day so we decided to have a photo shoot. We picked out cute outfits, did hair and posed to their little hearts content! I love these two. They are best buddies and the cutest girls in the world!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Summer of Fun

School is back in that signifies the end of summer vacation. I don't want to let go of summer just yet so I decided to post some of the highlights of our summer. We had so much fun, like we always do, and wish summer could last forever! Maybe then I could get a tan!

One of my Favorite Places