Monday, April 18, 2011

I Believe I Can Fly

Tanner wanted to take some friends down to Ogden and go indoor skydiving for his birthday party this year. I guess the comment from the boys summed up the day, "That was the best birthday party ever!" It really was super fun. Just watching the boys fly was worth the money and time spent to go down. They absolutely loved it and all of them picked up on the flying. Tanner is a natural at it. He's did really well both times he tried it. The boys also went miniature golfing, played arcade games, and did the bumper cars. We ate pizza, had cupcakes, and luckily the restaurant didn't serve mountain dew or else they really would have been jumping off the wall. Tanner's good friend who moved from Grace lives in Ogden and ditched school to come join the party. I think this will be a birthday party to remember!

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